Telsey + Co Casting ‘Allegiance’

Telsey + Company have upcoming auditions for singing equity actors for the Old Globe Theatre’s production of ‘Allegiance’ in San Diego, CA. Auditions will be in New York City on Wednesday, May 9th, from 10 AM to 6 PM in the Telsey + Co offices. Rehearsals will start July 31st in San Diego, CA. The theatre will cover housing and transportation. ‘Allegiance’ will run September 19 – October 28.

[SAM KIMURA/KAITO KIMURA (“OJII-SAN”)] Male, Asian, 70s. Both roles are played by the same actor, but they are complete opposites. Sam is a World War II hero, and Ojii-san is his grandfather. Sam is American-born, resolute and stern, military in bearing, a person who shut down a lifetime ago and has steadfastly refused to open up since. Ojii-san, or Ojii, is Japanese-born, sweet-natured and observant, quick to make a joke, even quicker to laugh at one. Uneducated, he is as free in spirit as Sam is locked up, though he does rely on the precepts of Japanese tradition to order his life and sustain him. Bass baritone to classic baritone. Not a “singer” role, but more of an actor who sings.

[GLORIA SUZUKI/KEI KIMURA] CAST. Auditioning performers will be considered as possible (emergency) replacements, should any become necessary. Female, Asian, 40. The roles of Gloria and Kei (short for Keiko) are played by the same actor, the latter in flashback. Gloria is an American-born journalist in her mid-50s, quick, inquisitive and unfulfilled in her lifelong search to find a missing piece of her life. Kei, Gloria’s mother, is in her late 20s during World War II. She is American-born, but has been heavily dominated by Japanese tradition. As a result, she is shy and obedient, more through a lifetime of practice than by nature. She seems like a fragrant blossom that has wilted on the vine. But over the course of the internment, she finds both love and confidence, becoming politically activated and outspoken. Mezzo. Solid belt/mix to Eb.

[SAMMY KIMURA] Actor plays Asian male, late teens. Sammy is an athletic and energetic Japanese-American boy of 17 when Pearl Harbor is bombed. A poor student and insecure at the core, he seeks approval and acceptance from both family and country by striving to be as All-American as he can. Both the internment and the war cause him to discover an intelligence he didn’t know he possessed, as well as a bravery he couldn’t anticipate. But the ordeal also hardens his heart, making him dogmatic and belligerent. Strong tenor. Solid A.

[MIKE MASAOKA] CAST. Auditioning performers will be considered as possible (emergency) replacements, should any become necessary. Male, Asian, 25. A real-life historical figure, Mike is a 25-year-old Japanese-American politician on the rise at the start of World War II. Charismatic, persuasive and frighteningly shrewd, he radiates the kind of confidence that can only come from the certainty that you are on God’s side. A true politician through and through, he will do whatever it takes to advance his agenda, even if lives are sacrificed. High baritone to G#.

[FRANKIE SUZUKI] Male, Asian, late 20s. A Japanese-American graduate student, bookish and serious. A natural-born leader, his inherent sense of justice is catalyzed by the internment to the point of open rebellion in the name of liberty. High baritone. High baritone to Ab/A.

[TATSUO KIMURA] CAST. Auditioning performers will be considered as possible (emergency) replacements, should any become necessary. Male, Asian, 50s. A Japanese-born (Issei) farmer, father of Kei and Sammy. Striving to uphold what he believes are American ideals, his resistance to their internment drives a wedge between him and Sam, and leads to his segregation from his family. Classic baritone to F.

[HANNAH CAMPBELL] Actor plays Caucasian female, late teens. A small-town girl with big dreams, Hannah’s sense of justice motivates her to volunteer at the internment camps. Her forthright bravery bonds her with Sammy, in whom she finds an unexpected kindred spirit. Mezzo/belt to D/Eb. Classic Broadway with a contemporary twist, but not a pop/rock belter.

Brief song showing range either classic Broadway (e.g. Gershwin, Porter, Rodgers) OR contemporary musical theatre (e.g. Ahrens & Flaherty, Jason Robert Brown). No pop/rock. Bring sheet music in correct key; accompanist provided, but may not transpose. Bring photo & resume, stapled back-to-back.

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