Chrystie Street now casting “Pan-Am”, a New York “Mad Men” for feminists

Like the AMC hit show “Mad Men“, “Pan Am“, cast in New York by Chrystie Street Casting and scheduled to begin this fall, takes place in the swingin’, “That Girl“-in’ Manhattan of the 1960′s, but unlike “Mad Men”, it will actually be shot here.

Making a further departure from its predecessor, the show focuses on the lives of the women in the workplace: the PYTs who became stewardesses in the skies and masters of their own destinies (at least until they decided to marry, at which point they were terminated).  “Pan Am” will air on ABC and star Christina Ricci, Margot Robbie, Kelli Garner, and Karine Vanasse.  It will be penned by Jack Orman (“ER“) and directed by Tommy Schlamme (“The West Wing“).

Casting Information:

“Pan Am” is also cast on the west coast by Bialy/Thomas Casting.  Chrystie Street also casts “Person of Interest” and a cornucopia of feature films.

Agent Information:

Christina Ricci is represented by ICM.  Kelli Garner is represented by CAA.

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